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Substitute Teaching Application Process

Substitute Teaching Application Process

1) Applicants who do not hold a current Georgia teaching certificate or paraprofessional certificate are required to complete the online training provided by Heart of Georgia RESA which includes the following procedures:

  • Watch a video.
  • Read articles.
  • Take a quiz (must make a score of 100, but can retake).
  • Submit a completer form.

{The link for the training can be found on the HGRESA website here.}

2) Complete the DCS Substitute application online by clicking here.  Please include/upload the following:

  • A copy of the HGRESA Substitute Teacher registration form.
  • A valid email address for three supervisors from your three most recent employers and/or email addresses for persons who are not family members.
  • A copy of your college transcript, high school diploma, or GED certificate.
  • A copy of your Georgia teaching or paraprofessional certificate, if applicable.
  • A copy of the signed GBI Privacy Rights statement form.

3) Applicants must be fingerprinted and have a clear background check in order to be placed on our Substitute List for board approval. Instructions for getting fingerprinted are available here