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Become a DCS Bus Driver

How can I become a bus driver with Dublin City Schools? 

You will need to get your CDL Learner’s Permit in order to start the process. In order to get that permit, you must pass the following knowledge tests:

  • General Knowledge: written test
  • S (School Bus) Endorsement: written test
  • P (Passenger) Endorsement: written test
  • Air Brakes Endorsement: written test

You can click here to access the manual virtually or pick one up at the local DMV. There is also an app for phones called “CDL Prep.” When you go to the app store there are several of these apps, but the one that has the red icon is the correct one. This uses actual questions from the test. All written tests may be taken at the local DMV. When testing, you will tell the folks at the DMV you are to register for the “Excepted Interstate Commerce” CDL. We can provide you with a form that will allow you to waive the $35 testing fee. This form must be notarized and you are responsible for having the form notarized.

After you have taken and passed all parts of the written test bring us a copy your CDL Learner's permit and your scoring sheet that will have the scores from your test displayed on it. At that point, we will give you instructions on how to apply for a position of Bus Driver for the Dublin City Schools. As soon as you are approved as a bus driver candidate, we will help you set up a background check (via fingerprinting). This will cost you around $50.

We will schedule an appointment with Drug and Alcohol Testing of GA, located at 1825 Highland Avenue in Dublin, for your Pre-Employment Physical and Drug Test. You will take a form with you from the DCS Transportation Office to the Drug and Alcohol facility in order to get the process started with their staff. The school system will pay this expense.

Once you have been cleared by the Background Check and Drug and Alcohol Testing, we will set up training for the Pre-Trip and Driving test that you must pass in order to receive your official CDL. You are also required to take a 12-hour school bus driving classroom course and then do 12 hours of supervised driving (6 hours without students and 6 hours with students). This is required by the GADOE. Both are scheduled as soon as needed.

When you feel comfortable with the pre-trip information and driving, we will work with you to schedule an appointment for your Pre-Trip and Driving Test. The Milledgeville DMV is the closest DMV that will give the CDL Pre-Trip and Driving test. We also look around to other school systems for third party testers. This test is hard to schedule due to lack of test givers.

The Georgia Department of Education (GADOE) Pupil Transportation Division will monitor systems through an audit of files in the Transportation Department. The Dublin City Schools Transportation will need the following in your file:

  • Copy of your Dublin City Schools Employment Application
  • Copy of Current CDL
  • Copy of your Scoring Sheet from the DMV (Scores from your written tests)
  • Documentation of your 12-6-6 (12 hr course/6 drive w/o students/6 drive with)
  • Pre-Employment physical
  • Yearly physical
  • Documentation of your Annual Yearly Safety Course

As part of the Dublin City Schools Transportation Department you will be expected to participate in professional learning opportunities to be held throughout the year. These opportunities are usually provided during the pre-planning week of the school system, on teacher workdays, and occasionally during the school day immediately following the morning route. A meeting can be called at any time due to emergency situations.

Cost throughout the process of become a Dublin City School Bus Driver:

  1. CDL Testing Fee - $35 (Waived with notarized form the DCS Transportation Dept.)
  2. Written Tests - $40 (General Knowledge, Air Brakes, P Endorsement, & S Endorsement are $10 each and must be paid for by the candidate.)
  3. Driver’s Test Fee - $100 (First 2, hopefully just 1, covered by the school system. If there is a need for a 3rd test or more, the candidate must pay the cost.)
  4. Pre-Employment Physical and Drug Test - $150 (paid for by the school system.)
  5. Background/Fingerprint Check - $50 (paid for by the candidate.)