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Academic Probation

In accordance with Georgia Gifted Rules and Regulations 160-4-2-.38, a student who is officially identified as gifted, or one who is enrolled in the Dublin City Schools K-12 Gifted/Advanced Academic Program and/or courses is eligible to receive gifted program services provided the student successfully maintains and meets the following two criteria:

a) Must maintain satisfactory academic progress and performance in both regular education and gifted/advanced/honors classrooms
b) Satisfactory progress is defined as the student must maintain at minimum a 9-week average grade of at least 80 in each core subject and a 70 or above in each Elective/Connection class

In the event that the student fails to meet the program continuation criteria, steps are taken to review the student's placement in the Gifted/Advanced Academic program/courses. Any student failing to meet the continuation criteria will be placed on academic probation the following 9-wk grading period. Parents will be notified of the student’s probationary status.
Satisfactory Performance, Probation, Probation Review, and/or Exit from Program
At the end of each 9-week period, classroom performance for students enrolled in gifted/advanced program classes will be reviewed by the building administration or designee(s). As stated previously, students enrolled in the program must maintain a minimum average of 80 in core content classes and 70 in elective/connections classes. Failure to meet the stated criteria will result in the student being placed on academic probation for the next 9-week grading period. Parents will be notified by the school of the student’s probationary status. Continued placement in the program will be determined at the end of the subsequent 9-week probationary period. If the student fails to improve, or to restore his or her average to the minimum of 80 in core content classes and/or a minimum of 70 in elective/connections classes, and in doing so demonstrate satisfactory academic performance, he/she will be exited from the program and returned to his or her previous education setting/services/base school.

Post probation period, students will not be eligible for consideration for re-entry into the program for at least one full year at the elementary and middle grades level and one full semester at the high school level. Program re-entry will be reviewed and determined by the District’s Gifted Eligibility Team via supporting evidence provided. The student, parent(s), administrator, and gifted program teacher(s) will be notified and the administration can hold an optional final review meeting before services are withdrawn.

As part of the Gifted/Advanced Program Continuation Plan, Annual Reviews are also conducted. These academic reviews will be completed after year-end grades have been posted following the close of each school year. Parents will receive a copy of their student’s Annual Review, noting their student’s progress or potential probationary status. At the school year end, parents can request a conference with their student’s gifted teacher/team and building-level administration to discuss the student's overall performance and continuation in the program.
Re-entry into Program
Students who have not been in the program either by reason of being exited, or being inactive for some other reason, may resume gifted services if they meet the requirements for satisfactory performance as stated above and have met the required wait time period. An official request to be re-entered into the program must be received by the school of the attending building. Student records will be reviewed by the District’s Gifted Eligibility Team and a determination made as to whether re-entry is approved or not.