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Jarvis Wiggins Becomes First Dublin High School Student to Complete Accelerated Career Diploma Program

The Dublin City Schools College and Career Academy is proud to announce that Jarvis Wiggins is the FIRST Dublin High School student to complete the Accelerated Career Diploma Program. 

     The non-traditional path to graduation allows students to either complete post-secondary academic courses that satisfy normal high school requirements or complete nine high school courses and earn a career-oriented postsecondary credential. 

     Essentially, “the Accelerated Career Diploma Program sets students up for doing whatever career they wish to do, while also having the opportunity to participate in extracurriculars,” explained Ben Lanier, Dublin City Schools’ CTAE Director and CEO of the Dublin City Schools College and Career Academy.

     Wiggins, a DHS Junior, was presented with the opportunity to begin the program during his 9th Grade year.  With a welding concentration, he believes “the program is going to set me up well in life because I have a jumpstart to my career.”

     As an Accelerated Career Diploma Program completer, Wiggins currently has every credit he needs to graduate with the Class of 2024.  However, instead of receiving his diploma in just a few short weeks, he’s opted to return for his Senior year to further his education through Oconee Fall Line Technical College’s dual-enrollment program.

     “I want to be a welder, but my Plan B is to become a nurse, so I’m looking forward to taking Mrs. Brooks’ CNA and Allied Health class next semester,” said Wiggins.

     Additionally, he can’t wait to graduate alongside his sister, Celeana, and continue to represent the Fighting Irish for Football, Wrestling and Weightlifting.  In Wiggins’ words, “My heart is full of green and gold.”  So, it’s no surprise that, with next year being his Senior Year, he also hopes to try his hand at Tennis and One Act.

     “Jarvis is the perfect example of what the Accelerated Career Diploma Program is all about,” said Lanier 

     The 11th Grader has been part of Dublin City Schools since Kindergarten.  As a program completer, Wiggins “wants people to know what [his] district is really about.”

     “I hope to show that Dublin City Schools really does strive to help set up every student for their future,” he said.  “Keep your grades up; stay positive and make the right decisions for you, not anyone else.”

     He also adds that if you think the Accelerated Career Diploma Program might be right for you, reach out to Mrs. Lemon or Mr. Lanier for more information.