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Dublin City Schools Posts Record-High Results From End-of-Pathway Exams

The Dublin City Schools College & Career Academy is excited to announce record-breaking results from the end-of-pathway exams, with an impressive 96.7% of students passing during the 2023-2024 school years. This marks a significant increase from the pass rates of 43.94% in 2021-2022 and 74.03% in 2022-2023. 

     Georgia’s End-of-Pathway Assessment Process is standardized for all public school districts across the state.  The exams measure the level of technical skills attained, determining how career-ready a student is after three courses in a selected pathway. 

     “The increase signifies that we’re teaching the right curriculum, correctly,” explains Ben Lanier, Dublin City Schools’ CTAE Director and the CEO of the College and Career Academy.  “It says that the vast majority of our students are exiting our programs with industry-recognized certifications, prepared for what’s next - regardless of whether that’s college or a career.” 

     The Agriculture, Cosmetology and Criminal Justice posted 100% pass rates for the third semester in a row, while Food Science students also earned 100% pass rates for the second time.  The Construction Pathway also had a 100% pass rate, and the Teaching as a Profession Pathway yielded 83.3%. 
     Earning a certification is certainly something that students can add to their resume to set themselves apart, proving to industry experts that they are ready to work. 

     “It gives students a literal, tangible credential that they can take to a place of employment and say, ‘I have demonstrated skills in XYZ,’ and those are the very credentials that employers in the industry have helped develop and deemed as essential,” explained Lanier.  “Plus, because of our articulation with places like Oconee Fall Line and Middle Georgia State, it also provides our students with a new starting point.  Similar to how students receive college credits for passing advanced placement exams, our program offers the same opportunity without having to go into HOPE Scholarship hours.” 

      Proving that what the district is doing works, 56 Seniors - about a third of the Class of 2024 - are graduating high school as pathway completers.  And, of the 56, six are double pathway completers:  Azzure Clark for Cosmetology and Food Science, Tinsley Curtis for Agriculture and Food Science, Kelwuan Gilmore for Food Science and Welding, Deago Jackson for Food Science and Welding, Derick McRae for Agriculture and Food Science, and Kamoura Wright for Air Force JROTC and Teaching as a Profession.  

      “I am extremely proud of the effort of our teachers,” said Lanier.  “I want to put all the credit on them because they’re the ones who are in the classroom every single day pushing our students to be their best selves.” 

     Recognizing that learning extends far beyond the classroom walls, each College and Career Academy educator actively engages with professionals in our community and region.  And, each pathway’s advisory council plays a vital role in providing up-to-date insights directly from industry experts.  By breaking down the traditional barriers of the classroom, students gain practical skills and experiences that prepare them for the real world.  Moreover, the district’s charter flexibility allows the College and Career Academy to go the extra mile, bringing industry experts into the classroom to teach specific lessons and provide added support where needed. 

    Lanier says this is just the beginning; The WAY’s goal is to have a 100% end-of-pathway pass rate for Fall 2024.  

     This semester, Dublin City Schools offers its students 11 pathways rooted in career readiness:  Agriculture, Air Force JROTC, Business & Technology, Certified Nursing Assistant, Construction, Cosmetology, Criminal Justice, Food Sciences, Mechatronics, Teaching as a Profession and Welding.