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Answers to Your Enrollment Questions


If students have PE, do they still have recess? 

Yes, PE/Health occurs one time a week during Specials. Recess occurs daily for 30 minutes. 

Is there an onsite Pre-K?

Yes!  Hillcrest Elementary School, the Irish Gifted Academy and Susie Dasher Elementary School have Pre-K classes.  Click here to learn more about our Pre-K Program and here register you child. 

Is there nap time for Kindergarten students? 

We do not provide nap time in kindergarten. Opportunities for quiet time are built into our kindergarten schedules. 

Middle & High School 

How are student schedules determined?

At the middle school level, students are assigned to a grade level team and self select electives of interest each year. At the high school level, students request four courses per semester based on their interests and graduation requirements. 

Is PE required? 

Yes, Health & PE is required for all students in middle school and is a required credit for high school graduation typically taken in 9th Grade. 

What athletics are available?

A variety of sports are available at the middle and high school level including Baseball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Competition Cheerleading, Competition Dance Team, Cross Country, Football, Golf, Soccer, Softball, Track & Field, Volleyball and Wrestling.  Please contact your student’s school for additional information about athletic offerings at your school and grade level. 

What is the typical class size?

Most middle and high school classes are under 25 students, but class size varies by course. 

Are there opportunities to take Advanced Placement and dual enrollment courses?

Yes!  AP and dual enrollment courses are available to students at Dublin High School  beginning in the 11th Grade.  Additionally, Dublin High School is the only IB World School between Macon and Savannah.  To determine if one of these classes would  best meet your child's need,  make an appointment with the Counseling Department. 

Community and Family Involvement

What volunteer opportunities are available?

Schools regularly use volunteers to work with students. Volunteering includes opportunities like parent organizations, mentoring, proctoring exams, and guest speaking. Additional information about volunteering, background checks, and volunteer training can be found by contacting your child's school. 

What is a Local School Governance Team? 

One of the driving forces behind Charter System status is the importance of local decision-making to maximize educational opportunities for children.  Therefore, each campus has its own Local School Governance Team.  Comprised of school leadership, teachers, parents and community members, they monitor the goals of the school improvement plan in an effort to increase student achievement and school improvement.  This team serves as advocates for their respective schools and makes recommendations to the superintendent.