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Mission, Vision & Core Beliefs


The mission of Dublin City Schools is to prepare all students to be effective communicators, problem solvers, and lifelong learners. 


The vision of Dublin City Schools is to be a world class charter school system that produces globally competitive students. 


In Dublin City Schools, we believe... 

  • In God's divine authority of this world, all people have equal worth, and family is the foundation of our community. 
  • All people, with effort, positive attitude, and mutual respect, can reach their highest potential through high quality educational experiences and resources.
  • Collaborative communication among all stakeholders is vital for success.
  • High performing and trustworthy leadership is vital to a strong school district. 
  • A safe, secure, flexible, and loving environment promotes positive learning communities for academic achievement, personal growth, and emotional well-being. 
  • Striving towards common student-focused goals unites diverse people. 
  • Early and ongoing engagement by family and community is critical to success.
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